STEP AP242 Benchmark #3 reports publication – AFNeT & prostep ivip – CAD and PDM test cases

AFNeT and prostep ivip are conducting and publishing the STEP AP242 Benchmarks.


The 3rd edition is now available.

The use of international open standards for 3D Model Based interoperability is seen as a key enabler to support global engineering and manufacturing of complex products within the extended enterprise. It also contributes to ensure a better independence regarding PLM vendor’s proprietary formats, and long-termpreservation of 3D Model Based design. The availability of COTS STEP AP242 solutions for CAD and PDM data interoperability contribute to address these challenges.

The objective of this Benchmark is to provide a public status of STEP AP242 functionalities available for operational use, tested by the industry and to identify limitations of the tested PLM COTS STEP AP242 applications.


This work has been realised with the support of:

  • Industrials and trade associations: Dassault Aviation, Thales, GIFAS, PFA.
  • Vendors: CT CoreTechnologie, Dassault Systèmes, Datakit, Elysium, PROSTEP AG, T-Systems.


Benchmark #3 project is composed of two types of test cases:

  • CAD test cases managed by AFNeT,
  • PDM test cases managed commonly by AFNeT and prostep ivip.



The reports are published in two forms: Short public report and Long private report.

The Long private reports of the PDM and CAD test cases in STEP AP242 Benchmarks are only available for AFNeT and prostep ivip member companies.

Those reports are available for download at the following URLs:

Short Reports are publicly available on

The AFNeT association and the prostep ivip association thank the application Vendors who provided their COTS solutions for the Benchmark testing, for their support in the installation, and for the analysis of the test results.

The AFNeT association and the prostep ivip Association thank the NIST, the CAx Interoperability Forum and the PDM Implementor Forum for the STEP Recommended Practices and the test cases.

We also thank the participating Vendors, GIFAS, PFA, for their funding and orientations.


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Best Regards,

The AFNeT and prostep ivip STEP AP242 Benchmark Team


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