ISO STEP AP239 edition 3 PLCS


ISO STEP AP239 edition 3 PLCS

AP239 Product Life Cycle Support is the STEP Application Protocol for product support along life cycle, covering the initial design/analysis of the product support, support operations (e.g. maintenance tasks) and operation feedback. Edition 3 was initiated by Aerospace and Defence stakeholders, including European Ministries of Defence (e.g. French DGA) and industry groups (Airbus). AFNeT is involved in this activity since the development of the initial white paper in 2015.
The project is a key contributor to the STEP Enhanced Architecture, as the objective of having OASIS PLCS back at ISO and harmonised with AP242 (for interoperability) has led to the need of an integration layer: the STEP Core Model.
The results expected are:

  • STEP Core Model (ISO/TS 10303-4000), to be published as an ISO Technical Specification (target publication date: 2020)
  • STEP AP239 ed3 (ISO 10303-239), to be published by ISO as an International Standard (target publication date: 2021)

An ISO project, coordinated jointly by AFNeT (Europe) and PDES, Inc. (USA), is associated to each of these results.

AP239 ed3 (PLCS) enabling interoperability between development and support


AFNeT project coordinator

Yves Baudier, AFNeT

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