ISO STEP AP243 edition 1 MoSSEC


ISO STEP AP243 edition 1 MoSSEC

The MoSSEC standard is designed to enable the sharing and exchange of Modeling and Simulation information in a collaborative Systems Engineering Context – “MoSSEC”.
The full scope of the systems engineering context is too ambitious for the first edition of MoSSEC. Over a series of multi-partner research projects a set of Business Objects for MoSSEC have been identified and can be summarised in a cartoon jigsaw as shown.
MoSSEC edition 1 is targeted at the core business objects which follow the « 80/20 » rule, providing the majority of coverage needed for the most common business scenarios. These are represented by the central row and column of the jigsaw cartoon covering Studies, Models, and Requirements/Quality, Architectures and Organisation with some aspects of the other pieces are necessarily included.


AFNeT project leader

Adrian Murton, AIRBUS

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