MBSE interoperability


MBSE interoperability

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is deployed in the industry based on a variety of tools, from requirement management (e.g. DOORS), system modelling (SysML-based, Capella), system analysis (e.g. safety assessment tool), system simulation (e.g. Modelica-based, MATLAB Simulink).
These last years, there is a growing awareness in the MBSE community that a data-centric view is needed: “integrated (or federated), shareable sets of data can be viewed as a foundation of Systems Engineering. From this data-centric perspective of SE, there are many key benefits that will aid organizations in successfully meeting the challenges associated with today’s ever increasingly complex systems (…)” (INCOSE whitepaper, see external links below).
Note: interoperability needs are not only between MBSE tools, but also between systems engineering and other engineering disciplines.
AFNeT is involved in several activities in this perspective:

  • Participation to the PDES MBSE Working Group
  • Partnership with AFIS (French Chapter of INCOSE)
  • Requirement and V&V Interoperability Forum (RV&V-IF), coordinated with AFIS. (preparation in 2019 and starting in 2020).
  • Support of STEP AP243 MoSSEC project by providing the development infrastructure and contributing to the development of the required methods.

Results expected from this activity are solutions for exchanging/sharing/archiving MBSE data, starting by short-term solutions for exchanging requirements and V&V data, and mid-term solutions for exchanging any MBSE work product (as scoped by architecture frameworks like NAF or UAF).

AFNeT project coordinator

Yves Baudier, AFNeT

Project links

Collaboration between AFIS and AFNeT on systems engineering interoperability, Press release, 19th of October 2018
AFIS-AFNeT collaboration on Systems Engineering interoperability, Framing document, v1.0, 1st Feb. 2019 (available on demand to AFNeT and AFIS members)
AFIS-AFNeT shared workspace: https://plmtf.sharepoint.com/projects/AFIS-AFNeT/SitePages/Home.aspx (restricted)
MBSE sessions at AFNeT Standardisation Days (https://standardizationday.afnet.fr/), including:

PDES MBSE : see presentation made by Mark Williams, Boeing, at 2018 INCOSE International Workshop : link

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Other External links

“Integrated Data as a Foundation of Systems Engineering”, December 2018, Whitepaper by the INCOSE Requirements Working Group (link)

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